How to Start a Nonprofit
or Social Enterprise

This page explains how to start a Nonprofit or Social Enterprise.

Idea to Launch

This guide focuses on social entrepreneurs looking to start a venture whose ultimate goal is to be able to sustain itself without relying on donors.

What You Don’t Know About Social Media

Having a Facebook page is not itself a Facebook strategy.

Funding Your Startup Social Enterprise

Owning 100% of something that is worth $0 is still $0.

Accounting + Taxes for Social Enterprises: Your Journey Begins Here

Accounting at its most basic level is a means to track money coming in and money going out.

Branding + Identity

The right time to focus on branding and communications is as soon you're ready to tell the world why your organization's mission is important.

Why Great Design Matters

Design is not decoration. Good design is a critical investment in strategic thinking around your nonproft, social enterprise or socially minded project.

A Legal Primer for Changemakers

This guide provides a broad overview of the legal issues that changemakers may encounter in establishing a new social venture.

Marketing: Lean In and Control The Lane

It’s important to understand what “marketing” is today. It used to be defined as the external face of your company. Marketing is now everything you do.

What’s Strategy Got to Do With It?

“Figure things out as they come along” is a kind of strategy, but it is not necessarily the most effective one.

Building Your First Website

Gone are the days of prescriptive solutions or one-size-fits-all processes that dictate a standard “professional” online presence.

Operations: An Overview

Operations can make or break your startup.

Business Plans and Planning for Social Enterprises and Nonprofits

Nonprofits, for-profits and hybrids, pre-launch and post-launch, every social venture should have a business plan.

Nonprofit Funding for Long-Term Sustainability

Contrary to popular belief, fundraising is not about begging for financial or in-kind support. It’s the art of enlisting people who believe in you and your cause to invest in your venture.

How to Find a Job in The Social Impact Space

Let me start with the bad news. There is no job in the world with a description that simply reads, “Do good.”

Evaluation + Impact Assessment

It’s very difficult to tell the difference between a good company and good marketing.

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