Mollie Ruskin designed the cover for the guide What’s Strategy Got To Do With It? by Lee-Sean Huang.

As a cross-sector designer and organizer, Mollie Ruskin is dedicated to creating human-centered solutions to complex social challenges. After serving as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Mollie now leads design activities at the US Digital Service.

Mollie’s belief in the power of design is founded on a dedication to social impact: she has orchestrated voter registration and GOTV efforts, organized young people around federal climate policy, and served as the aide to a state representative. In 2011, Mollie was a participant in the SVA Impact Design for Social Change residency and went on to lead creative projects at Reboot, a public sector service design and innovation firm. She has designed print and web materials for campaigns, nonprofits, small businesses and government agencies.

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